Hello all - here are my available Helix Patches. 

IMPORTANT: I keep my output level on the Helix quite low (probably at 10:00 on the Helix main output knob).

I also use the following Global Settings:

Low Freq: 120 Hz

Low Q: 0.7

Low Gain +0.7db

Mid Freq: 3.0 kHz

Mid Q: 0.8

Mid Gain: -2.3db

High Freq: 8.0 KHz

High Q: 0.7

High Gain: 0.0db

High Cut: 6.0 kHz

Level: 0.0db

Helix Patches

Helix Patch: Line 6 Litigator
  • Helix Patch: Line 6 Litigator
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This is my Dumble-syle amp model. Stock cabs are used but feel free to replace the cab with your favourite IR. A built-in Boost helps cleans and solos jump in the mix. I have used this patch live with great success.

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